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We do the hard work to get you and your message in front of the right audiences so you can grow your influence and better yet impact more and more people. You've got the vision, we've got the passion, tools, and team to make it happen. 

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My name is Ashley. I'm a wife and mama to 3 littles living in Phoenix, Arizona. For the past 2 years me and my team have been helping some of the biggest names out there get even bigger opportunities to share their message.

No matter how long you've been creating content, there is an audience who's desperate to know about you. We find people who are dying to meet you and then we put you in front of them.

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Looking to elevate + expand your message in the digital space? We offer services that support that such as social media management, partnership management, copywriting, website SEO, and more. 

Digital marketing


All those nitty gritty details of podcasting, we got you! The team it takes to run a podcast, I'll handle that. Everything from editing audio to scheduling interviews and even sponsorships!

Podcast management


We handle all coordination of pitches + campaign tracking: initial pitches, follow ups, scheduling, and post interview communication. We fight for you to get noticed. And, we're really good at it.

Public relations


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Allie casazza

Ashley has been my PR gal for three years now and I’ve been EVERYWHERE. If you have a message you’re passionate about, couple that with Ashley’s communication and relations skills and you are officially famous.

Jeremy + audrey roloff

Our podcast would not be functional without Ashley! She knows the podcast world so well but also knows so much about publishing, pr, advertising, and copy writing which makes her a vital asset to our team. We appreciate her flexibility, creativity, consistency, and attention to detail. We love working with Ashley and highly recommend Pivot! 

Rachel Van Kluyve

"Ashley was suggested to me by a friend at my publishing agency. I have never been in a position to need a publicist but launching a book has been unnerving at times. That's where Ashley comes in - she gives more than just email communication! She gives direction, ideas, fights for what is best for me, handles all communication so that I don't have to, and is so readily available to me - a huge weight has been taken off of me because of her! I would highly recommend Ashley for her knowledge, connections, and her spirit. She is a go getter and will get things done, not just for you but with you." 

Jess Carey

“Ashley and her team at Pivot Media are the secret to launching a project or personality to the next level. She is a friend that negotiates like a boss. When I thought of PR before Pivot I felt dread. Ashley has made it easy to reach new audiences, she opened doors I didn’t even consider. If you are an author, content creator, influencer, or podcaster that wants to be effective in widening your reach, choose Pivot!”

Melissa lin

"Ashley has been my PR gal for a while now and she’s incredible! Ashley takes the time to get to know you, your brand, your messaging, and the impact you want to create! She’s helped me share my message to dozens of new platforms! She’s in your corner and will be your biggest cheerleader as she helps you spread your message to the world!"

Tracy steel

"Finding ways for me to share my messages has always felt daunting. But because of Pivot Media, the launching of my first book was quite enjoyable! Ashley Spriggs is well-connected to industry influencers, listens to the concerns of her clients with compassion and is eager to help them achieve their goals. Because of her, my reach has increased and the messages that I'm passionate about continues to make it into the hearts of those who need them the most."

kristi clover

"Working with Ashley has been such a blessing! She jumped in at a critical time during my book launch and brought in some incredible press opportunities. She is a savvy business woman with a gift for helping others to lean into their strengths and focus on taking the best next steps to grow their brand and business."

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We start with a free consultation. I learn everything about you and your message.

Then we create a customized strategy that is tailored to your needs, your message and your audience.

After that it's game time. You take your message to bigger and bigger groups of people and more lives are impacted. 

At Pivot Media we know you are a person with message that could change someone's life. But, in order for that to happen you need an audience!

The problem is there is so much noise in our world that people don't know who to listen to. And, that makes you fearful that you'll never be able to get your message the attention deserves or worse yet you're not even sure you should try.

We believe that someone who has an impactful story to tell should have an audience to hear it. And, we understand how tough it is to stand out in a sea of other people fighting for that same attention. That's why we fight for you and your message to rise above all the noise that's out there so you can keep on making content that people need.

Here's how it works. 

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