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They don't have the kind of budget to hire a pr firm to do it all for them

They're worried they'll spend tons of time trying to figure it out without any results

They don't even know how to get started

A lot of content creators are excited to learn how to build an audience but:

Get PR Coaching today

It's like a bachelors degree in pR without any student loans

Customizable pitches you can use over and over

Insight into building an effective campaign that really works

Detailed strategies for growing your platform

You get all the knowledge we've learned from serving clients with massive audiences for a fraction of the price. You walk away with:

Learn time tested PR Strategies from a pro

Our clients are
featured in:

DIY always seems fun until you get down to the nitty gritty.

It's fun to pin cool ideas on your "For the Home" board and fantasize about taking a weekend and knocking out a complete remodel of that one room you lock when guests come over.

But, two things happen most of the time. You keep fantasizing and never do anything OR you actually give it a shot only to wish you would have never started in the first place.

With our coaching program you get the motivation you need to grow your audience and master your own PR AND insight to avoid the pitfalls that make you wish you wouldn't have tried doing it yourself in the first place.

We sit down with you and really learn who you are and what your goals are. Then we come up with custom strategies and create templates to help you along the way (Psst...they're the same templates we use with our own clients.)

Then you get to call the shots on your own platform growth. 

In 3 hours time you become an audience growth expert without having to break your bank.

Grow an audiencE all on your own

*existing clients get discounted rates

Content calendar templates

Podcast launch and podcast management insight

Customized strategies for audience growth

2 coaching calls

This includes:

one time fee


Podcast Coaching

A complete campaign with 6 media opportunities to get you started

A customized relational skeleton pitch

3 coaching calls

This includes:

one time fee


Public relations coaching






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