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Failing strategies to get more listeners

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It's easy to get discouraged with:

Having a podcast sounds like a lot of fun Until you realize how much work it is.

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Grow your podcast without burning out in the process

We work behind the scenes to make sure all the tedious details of growing a podcast are covered. You get:

Amazing guests that we pre-qualify and schedule

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Our podcast would not be functional without Ashley! She knows the podcast world so well...

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Now it's time to watch your podcast grow as we hustle behind the scenes so you and your message shine.

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After we have our free consultation it's time to go to work on creating you a custom game plan to grow your podcast. 

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The road to extreme growth for your podcast starts with a free consultation. We chat nitty gritty details about your goals, your audience

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grow your podcast

(free consultation)

75% of all podcast don't make it past 8 episodes. Many start out with big dreams of building a huge audience only to find themselves struggling a few episodes in.

Most quickly realize just how much work it takes or they get discouraged from not seeing the results they hoped for. There's even a term for podcasts that start strong but struggle to make it past a few epsiodes: podfading! 

At Pivot Media we know you have an important message that listeners want to hear. We want to help as many people find that message as possible. And, we want to make sure you don't become a part of the 75% statistic that fades away.

At Pivot Media we've worked with some of the biggest podcasts out there. So, you get years of expertise in your corner. We've learned what it takes to grow a big podcast audience. So, you can skip the learning curve and cut right to the results you always knew you could get.

Become a podcast expert instantly

We actively pitch your podcast to secure sponsorships

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Strategy implementation

Tracking statistics + engagement

All coordination of guest interviews

Social media shareable graphics and audio clips

All copywriting for show notes

A fully managed episode calendar

This includes:




guest skeleton pitch

scheduling link

Creating the guest process:

Researching voice + brand

Integrating episode process (with specific due date markers)

Trello Board for podcast content calendar

This includes:

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